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Unique Memorabilia and Moments in Time of the Fire Service in Orange County


Restored "Steamer"


1918 American LaFrance


Hand Drawn Hose Cart

Equipment and Memorabilia

Rare Fire Horse Parade Blanket
 and assorted era devices
Hand -made ladder wagon model
(1 of 2 in existence)
First Floor Second Floor
East Bay Interactive Exhibits
Enterprise #2 Steam Engine - Walden, NY
Horse Drawn Steam Fire Engine circa 1873

Enterprise #2 Steam Engine from Walden New York is a Button Steam Engine, circa 1872. Two horses were used to pull this engine. It was built in 1872 in Waterford, NY, by a prominent manufacturer of fire equipment. This was the fire apparatus of Walden’s Steamer Company No. 2. The steamer remained in service in Walden until as lat as 1935.

American LaFrance Company purchased Button and Co. They re built this steamer in 1907. In the rear of the steamer is a firebox, which contained kindling wood. This wood was lit by using a boiler torch. This small fire produced sufficient heat to turn a small water supply into steam, which operated the steam engine. This stem engine operated a pump that drew water in from the left side of the steamer through the hard suction hose which drafted water from a pond or stream. On the right side of the pump are the discharge outlets, which could discharge water over 200 feet.

Soon into the 20th century Walden Fire Dept purchased motorized fire equipment and retired the Enterprise Steamer. They stored this machine in the Walden Fire House for years and used it for fire parades and other events.

It is now on loan by the Walden Fire Department, Walden New York to our museum.

Hand Drawn Goose Neck Pumper, Circa 1816.

This pumper was manufactured by James Smith in New York City. The machine was purchased, as legend has it, as used equipment from the Kingston Fire Department for the sum of $600.00 in 1816 or early 1817. Montgomery Fire Department was formed in 1810. This was their first piece of equipment. So, it must be assumed that in the years 1810 – 1815 there existed a Bucket Brigade organized to fight fire, here in Montgomery, NY.

In 1860 this old gooseneck Pumper was replaced by the larger, more powerful Button and Blake hand pumper that is here in our collection.

Montgomery’s first fire company was named INDEPENDENT NO 1. This is a name that was definitely influenced by our War of Independence and the War of 1812.

In 1893 The Montgomery Fire Department was formed into two companies, Wallkill Engine No. 2 and Fleet Hook and Ladder Company No. 1.

In 1912 The Village of Montgomery experienced their worst fire that started in the barn that was a part of a nearby hotel. The fire quickly spread to the village fire house and then to the Academy Building that now houses the Village Offices, library and museum. All of the buildings were destroyed.

The 1816 Gooseneck pumper was pulled from the burning firehouse and saved. The intense heat of that fires is still evident today in the form of the charred side of the machine. The same year, 1912, a new fire house and municipal building was built, which is now the Orange County Firefighters Museum.


Virtual Departments - Computer Display with slideshows of "on-disk" Orange County Fire Department websites


In their Words - Audio Presentations along with Slideshow of interviews with firefighters from around the county.


Special Events - Volunteer firefighters from around the county show kids how to do stuff like knot tying, SCBA use and other related scheduled events.
Alarm Boxes, signaling Devices, reporting instruments, original charters and more


Main Exhibit Hall

Uniform Displays from 1800's to date


Company Leather Belts


Awards and Parade Memorabilia


Helmets thru the years


Badges of all shapes


Photo Galleries


Fire Alarm Equipment


Tools of the trade


Antique Fire Extinguishers

More exhibits will be added and exhibits rotated often to keep the experience fresh.

Check News & Events for scheduled/updated exhibit list.


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