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 It took 200 years of firefighting before the first county-wide fire museum was born in 1996 a county-wide group of fire commissioners, chiefs, volunteer and professional firefighters decided to create the Orange County Firefighters Museum.

Board of Directors

 OCFM was formed as a not-for-profit organization in chartered as a New York state educational institution in June, 1997 the board agreed to purchase the old firehouse in the village of Montgomery as the museum’s site the building is situated in an historic district.

The image link below are photos from the renovation

Restored Bay Doors | Door to Rec Room

The Grand Opening was September 9, 2006.

 OCFM has received the endorsements of the following:
bullet Former Orange County Executive Joseph G. Rampe
bullet NYS Regional Open Space Planning Committee
bullet The Association of Fire Chiefs of Orange County
bullet The New York State Association of Fire Chiefs
bullet Executive Committee of the Orange County Volunteers
bullet Over fifty Orange County Fire companies and depts.

Monument Added in April of 2008

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