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July 27, 2012 Updated Board of Directors List -click here-
May 2012

Children Visit Education Center -click here for photos-

May 2012
2012 OC Volunteer Firefighter Educator of the Year Award

Lieutenant Barbara Gasperetti  Coldenham Fire Company

-click here for Full Press Release-

-click here for this 2011 recipient-

December 28, 2011 Added an article in re to the Absolute Charter Status   -click here-
November 24, 2011 Added photos and article about the 1st Official visit to the Education Center -click here-
June 2, 2011 Added Educator of  the year Award Info and Grand Opening of the Education Center info
March 3, 2011 OC Volunteer Firefighter Educator of the Year Nomination Form

-click here-

September 24, 2010 Added photos of new exhibits at Museum  -click here to view photos-

Added "Stepping Stones to Fire Safety" page & brick donation program link -click here-

Added General PayPay Donation Button

Added Facebook Friends link

Added 996 photos from OCVFA PArade 2010 -click here-

January 29, 2010 Added Clipper Ad to Links -click here-
August 21, 2009 Added photos and video from Firefighter's Day at Museum Village
-click here for photos and video-
July 27, 2009 Added new accomplishments in the Education Center (photos coming)
Dec. 6, 2008 Added photos of the construction of the Education Center -click here for more-
Nov. 29, 2008 Added Greg Kaufman to Board of Directors list -click here-
May 26, 2008 Added Larry Schaeffer's their words video interview -click here for Videos-
May 9, 2008 OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP ANNOUNCED -click here for flyer-
May 9, 2008 Added "Monument" to History page -click here-
May 9, 2008 Work continues for our 1st interactive exhibit. Thanks to Bill Haight a fully functional "Gamewell" fire Alarm System (old school) will be up and running soon! Check back for details.
April 29, 2008 Added Paul Huba's Obit to website -click here-
March 10, 2008 OCFM announces plans for Ed Center -click here-
December 17, 2007 Add Ted Schmidt interview -click here-
November 29, 2007 Add Hap Schmidt interview -click here-
November 12, 2007 Add James TenKake interview -click here-
October 21, 2007 Add Kenneth Yereance interview -click here-
September 11, 2007 Results and photos from General Montgomery Day 8k Race -click here-
August 11, 2007 Added photos and story from Red Knights visit to Museum -click here-
August 3, 2007 Updated Exhibits page -click here-
August 3, 2007 Added rotating photos on Home Page

June 23, 2007

The "Red Knights" Motorcycle Club with 100+ riders will be visiting during their club ride from Pa to NY and back. - click here for more information -

Sunday April,8 2007

Updated entire website, images changed, added photos of new displays, news items, events.

Sunday April,8 2007

Added photos from Special Guests visit, The Tiger Cubs from Montgomery -click here-

Monday Dec. 18, 2006

Hall of Honor Updated -click here-

Friday Oct. 20, 2006

Hall of Honor Updated -click here-

Tuesday Oct. 17, 2006

Bill Haight's "In their words...." Interview video -click here-


Sept. 16-16 & 22-23, 2006

The Orange County Chopper's Fire Bike is at the museum this weekend and next.

5 – 8 PM this Friday and next.
Sat and Sun 11 – 4 PM.

Saturday Aug. 12, 2006

Created web-based forms to propose a candidate for an "In their words" interview -click here - to propose a candidate

Friday Aug. 11, 2006

Added "Random Museum Photos - 2" to the Media Gallery

Wednesday Aug. 9, 2006

Added "Random Museum Photos" to the Media Gallery

Wednesday Aug. 9, 2006

Added interview with Marv Cohen to "In their Words"

Thursday Aug. 3, 2006

Added Fallen Firefighters names to Hall of Honor for LODD

Wednesday Aug. 2, 2006

Added museum address and maps

Tuesday July 4, 2006



Two new pieces of equipment have been added to the collection!
Both pieces are Circa 1890’s
There is a Hand Drawn Tub Hand Pumper that was used in New Paltz and a Hose Cart that was used at West Point, New York. 

These are graciously on loan from FASNY, Hudson, NY.

We have been contacted by some world renowned collectors who are working with us to loan items for viewing.  Hopefully negotiations for these items will be completed in time for the grand opening this September


Saturday June 24 2006

Exhibits are taking shape and we are working hard towards the goal of the Grand Opening, September 9, 2006!

Should you have an item that you would like to offer to the museum as either a loan or a gift for display, please contact the museum by calling 845-457-9654.  Leave a message on the answering machine and we will contact you!

Saturday June 10, 2006

Added exhibit photos with descriptions to Firematic Exhibit page -click here-

Saturday June 10, 2006

The collection of artifacts continues.  The Grand Opening of the museum is slated for Sept 9, 2006

Sunday June 4, 2006
1 pm to 4 pm

Museum "Dry Down"

The Dry Down was a Great Success! We had many visitors and are excited that the museum will be opening soon.

Exhibits are taking shape and we are working hard towards the goal of the Grand Opening, September 9, 2006


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